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Usada Pekora

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"Konpeko Konpeko Konpeko!"
Japanese Name兎田ぺこら
English NameUsada Pekora
Chinese Name兔田佩克拉
Debut DateJuly 17, 2019 (YouTube)
IllustratorYuuki Hagure
Live2D ModelingMain: rariemonn[1]
New Year: rariemonn[2]
3D ModelingYatsurugi[3][4]
Member ofHololive Fantasy
Fan NameLeague of the Hare Alliance
(野うさぎ同盟 Nousagi domei)
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
👯 Twemoji12 1f46f-200d-2640-fe0f.svg
Official Media
YouTubePekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら (English) (Japanese)
BirthdayJanuary 12
Age111 years old[5]
Height153cm (not including ears)
Stream Talk#ぺこらいぶ
Video Clips#ひとくちぺこら
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Channel Logo - Usada Pekora 01.png
Introduction Video
Official Bio
Streaming Info
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Introduction Video

Official Bio

"Hiya-peko! Hiya-peko! Hiya-pekooo! I'm Usada Pekora, peko!"

"A lonely rabbit-eared girl who loves carrots. She loves them so much that she always brings a few anywhere she goes."


A young and hip rabbit from Pekoland that appends "peko" at the end of her sentences. Part of the 3rd generation, Hololive Fantasy, she is eternally 111 years old (increments by 0.0000….1 every year). The conversion from Pekoland years to human years frequently changes depending on her mood. In the beginning, Pekora mentioned that when converted, it roughly equals late teens and early twenties; however, during her loli stream, she established that she was 3 years old (1 + 1 + 1 = 3 years old), and has continued to use that conversion method since.[6] Known for her chaotic personality and motormouth pace, she's quickly become one of the most well-known members of Hololive.

The carrots she has in her hair are raised in her family's farm. She wears them both as a fashion and snack. Although it is difficult to see, under the white dress is a bunny girl outfit. Not only is showing full body rare, she rarely shows full upper body, so seeing anything else is rare during the stream. Her scarf is a living being called Don-chan, which is always with her.

When she's upset, her right ear folds. When she plays horror games, it's permanently folded. Her ears are not detachable. According to Pekora, the reason why she has 4 ears (2 human, 2 rabbit) is because "humans like something resembling them, so to help me blend in, mom gave them to me." However, she gave one pair of her rabbit ears to Kiryu Coco on her birthday, claiming it'll grow back quickly. Additionally, her tail is hidden in the idol costume because she put it inside her spats.

Her representative emote is a pair of dancers in bunny suits (female).


Pekora is known for being very chaotic and a prankster, someone who likes to play by her own rules. She has a unique verbal tic in which she ends her sentences with the "-peko" suffix. Her peculiar laughter has been coined by some of her fans as the "jungle laugh".

She is quick to react angrily when things don't go her way. She tends to run away when she faces a powerful foe in video games, then apologizes meekly until she finds an opening or when the situation changes favorably, after which she quickly starts talking down to them again.

She is shy in real life or when there is a large group of people, but on her own stream she likes to talk a lot even without breaks. Despite all of that she is very caring to her friends and fans.



  • May 28 Twitter account creation date.
  • July 02 YouTube channel creation date.
  • July 17 Debuted on YouTube and first uploaded video.
  • July 19 Achieved a 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[7]
  • Oct. 05 Membership feature opened.[8]
  • Oct. 20 Achieved a 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[9]
  • Nov. 21 Achieved a 70,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[10]
  • Dec. 14 3D model debut.[11]
  • Dec. 28 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[12]


  • Jan. 01 Revealed her New Year outfit.[13]
  • Jan. 24 Participated in Hololive's first live, "Nonstop Story", and received her 3D idol outfit.
  • Feb. 03 Achieved a 150,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[14]
  • Mar. 11 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[15]
  • May 04 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[16]
  • June 13 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[17]
  • July 22 Achieved a 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[18]
  • Aug. 21 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[19]
  • Sep. 21 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during her Super Mario Bros stream.[20]
  • Oct. 22 Achieved a 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[21]
  • Nov. 12 Achieved a 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[22]
  • Dec. 4 Achieved a 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers milestone during a karaoke stream.[23]


  • Apr. 01 Revealed prison outfit.[24]
  • Feb. 12 Achieved a 1,250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[25]
  • June. 02 Achieved a 1,500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[26]

Streaming Information


She officially calls her fans "Nousagi" (野うさぎ) who also serve as her channel mascots.

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings こんぺこ Konpeko A combination of konnichiwa (good afternoon) / konnbanwa (good evening) and Pekora.
Introduction こんぺこ、こんぺこ、こんぺこ!ホロライブ三期制の宇佐田ぺこらぺこ!ども、ども! Konpeko, konpeko, konpeko! Hololive san-kisei no Usada Pekora-peko! domo, domo! Pekora introduces herself each stream as being a member of Hololive 3rd Generation
Farewell おつぺこ Otsupeko A combination of otsukare (good work) and Pekora.
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting 待機ぺこ Taikipeko Taiki (waiting) + Peko.
にーん... Nin.... When the stream isn't on at the scheduled time, viewers say "にーん..." in preparation to post "にーんじん🥕にーんじん🥕"
Greetings にーんじん🥕にーんじん🥕 Ninjin!🥕Ninjin!🥕 When the first opening is playing, viewers repeat after the song.
ぶんぶんちゃ! ぶんぶんちゃ! bunbuncha! bunbuncha! When the second opening plays, the viewers repeat the beat.
こんぺこ Konpeko See streamer greetings notes.
Farewell さんっ! -san! Viewers mimic Pekora's way of thanking Superchats ([NAME]-san!)
おつぺこ Otsupeko See streamer farewell notes.
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels
Usada Pekora - Membership Perks.png
兎田ふぁみりあ (Usada Familia)
  • 🥕 Members-only live stream
    Live streams released once a month
  • 🥕 Members-only wallpapers
    Wallpapers released on a regular basis

Other Media


  • Pekora finished her Minecraft RTA (real time-attack, another term for unassisted speedrun) of defeating the Ender Dragon in 12 hours, 46 minutes, and 13.688 seconds.[28]
  • Shares the same birthday with Kagura Nana.
  • Is one of the Hololive Production VTubers with a verified YouTube channel. Other verified members can be found here.

Logo - hololive (Textless).png No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!


Image Gallery


Original Songs

The following are original songs by Pekora.

Kirameki Rider [hololive 1st fes. "Nonstop Story"]

Curry Meshi Is a Miracle


The following are a list of albums Pekora has made or participated in.

ぺこらんだむぶれいん! (PEKORANDOMBRAIN!)
Album Cover Art - PEKORANDOMBRAIN!.png
Release Date January 12, 2021
Track List
  1. ぺこらんだむぶれいん!
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Collab Singles
ぺこみこ大戦争!! (PekoMiko Daisenso!!)
Album Cover Art - PekoMiko Daisenso!!.jpg
Release Date November 21, 2020
Track List
  1. ぺこみこ大戦争!! / REDALiCE, Usada Pekora, Sakura Miko
  2. ぺこみこ大戦争!! (Instrumental) / REDALiCE, Usada Pekora, Sakura Miko
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Hacha-Mecha ミラクル (Hacha-Mecha Miracle)
Album Cover Art - Hacha-Mecha Miracle.jpg
Release Date December 18, 2020
Track List
  1. Hacha-Mecha ミラクル
  2. Hacha-Mecha ミラクル - Instrumental
External links
Digital Release
Dreaming Days
Album Cover Art - Dreaming Days.jpg
Release Date February 11, 2021
Track List
  1. Dreaming Days
  2. Dreaming Days (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Collab Albums
#幻想郷ホロイズム (#GENSOKYOholoism)

Album Cover Art - GENSOKYOholoism.jpg

Album Cover Art - GENSOKYOholoism2.jpg

Release Date July 10, 2020
Track List
  1. 【第0話】老人会必聴・古の東方アレンジ縛り歌枠
  2. ホイホイ☆幻想ホロイズム / 宝鐘マリン with ホロイズムファンタジー
  3. キャプテン・マリンのケツアンカー / 宝鐘マリン
  4. 【第1話】#マリン迷走中 この竹林、抜け出せるのか…!?
  5. シアワセうさぎ・ぺこみこマリン / 兎田ぺこら、さくらみこ、宝鐘マリン
  6. 【第2話】三魔女定例ミーティング会場はこちら
  7. イヤホンロマンス / 宝鐘マリン
  8. 【第3話】幻想郷がっかり名所観光!!
  9. 【第4話】祝・幻想郷特設配信ルームより初配信!
  10. Over the Border / 宝鐘マリン feat.不知火フレア
  11. 【第5話】ありがとう幻想郷
  12. Help me, ERINNNNNN!! #幻想郷ホロイズムver. / 宝鐘マリンと愉快な仲間たち
External links
Digital Release • Music Video • Official Website
Album Cover Art - Bouquet.jpg
Release Date April 21, 2021
Track List
External links
Digital Release

Cover Songs

The following are a list of songs covered by Pekora.

Solo Covers
ディスコミュ星人 (Discommunication alien)
Sung by Usada Pekora, Hololive Fantasy (Backup Vocals)
Instrumental とふと Illustration のーさー
Mixing とふと Video Editing RONRICO
Original Link/s Spotify, YouTube YouTube
Collab Covers
お願いマッスル (Onegai Muscle)
Sung by Tokino Sora, Roboco, Sakura Miko, Hololive 1st Generation, Hololive 2nd Generation, Hololive GAMERS, Hololive Fantasy, Yuujin - A
Mixing キジバト Video Editing N/A
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
Snow Song Show
Sung by Sakura Miko, Usada Pekora
Instrumental N/A Illustration ヨハネ
Mixing ごず Video Editing さきょう みはなだ
Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico
バレンタイン・キッス (Valentine Kiss)
Sung by Natsuiro Matsuri, Houshou Marine, Usada Pekora, Sakura Miko
Instrumental N/A Illustration いよかん
Mixing ごず Video Editing 近所のにーちゃん
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube, Wikipedia
おちゃめ機能 (Ochame Kinou)
Sung by Hololive 0th Generation, AZKi, Yozora Mel, Natsuiro Matsuri, Aki Rosenthal, Hololive 2nd Generation, Ookami Mio, Nekomata Okayu, Hololive Fantasy, Hololive 4th Generation (besides Coco)
Mixing キジバト Video Editing N/A
Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico
佐賀事変 (Saga Jihen)
Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Hololive Fantasy
Instrumental Akki Illustration moegala、PON-ponja、Alset、切糕、日和響也、SAKA、S-mui、我方方塊brother
Mixing Hamu (ハム / ハム) Video Editing Planning: 伝説のりさん
Director and Production: 老趙HIKAGE
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube


The following are a list of background music Pekora has used in her streams and videos.

Made for Pekora
Title ぺこラップ(にーえぬエンドレスニンジンver) Usage Waiting Music
Made by にーえぬ Link/s
Pekorap Remix
Title Pekorap Remix Usage Waiting Music
Made by REDALiCE Link/s
Title たぬきちの冒険 Usage Signature Stream BGM
Made by MAKOOTO Link/s
Title おーたむうぉーきんぐ Usage Stream BGM
Made by もっぴーさうんど Link/s
Title ジオラマパレード Usage Stream BGM
Made by いまたく Link/s
Title 小さな勇者の冒険 Usage Birthday BGM
Made by 龍崎一 Link/s
Lights Out
Title Lights Out Usage Pekomom Stream BGM
Made by POLARIS PLUS Link/s


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