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Tokino Sora
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"Min'na! Genki? Tokino Sora desu!"
Japanese Nameときのそら
English NameTokino Sora
Chinese Name时乃空
Debut DateSeptember 7, 2017 (YouTube)
IllustratorCurrent: ordan
Original: いかき
3D ModelingCurrent (2020): schwarz[1]
Stage: Yatsurugi[2][3]
Member ofhololive Generation 0
Fan NameSora-tomo (そらとも), or Sora's Pals
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
🐻 Twemoji12 1f43b.svg
Official Media
YouTubeときのそらチャンネル Official Artist Channel (EN) (JP) (EN) (JP)
OtherVictor Entertainment Profile
Official Fan Club Website
BirthdayMay 15
Age21 years old
Height160cm (5ft3in)
Stream Talk#ときのそら生放送
  • 大先輩
  • 女神
  • Soda
  • Daisenpai
  • Goddess
  • 空媽
Tokino Sora - Signature.png

Channel Logo - Tokino Sora 01.png
Introduction Video
Official Bio
Streaming Info
Other Media
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Introduction Video

Official Bio

"Hey, Sora-tomo! How are you all doing? It's me, Tokino Sora!"

hololive Production's first virtual idol, debuting on September 7, 2017. She loves horror games and singing, and has always dreamed of performing in Yokohama Arena.

She signed a record deal with Victor Entertainment in March 2019. She is active in various forms of media, such as appearing in Watanuki-san Chi no and hosting Sora Ao to!, a radio show.

She held her first solo concert, Dream!, on October 6, 2019, taking one step closer to her ultimate goal.


Tokino Sora the first Member of Hololive Productions and debuted on Sept. 7th, 2017.[4]

Sora garners universal respect from all of her juniors in Hololive because she was one of the pioneers of early day VTubers. She generally does talking streams, gaming streams, as well as some occasional singing.
Her first ever stream was on NicoNico, a Japanese video hosting site like Youtube, for 50 viewers. But out of those 50, 37 were people she already knew and had asked to watch her debut stream, so only 13 viewers were completely unaware of what was going on. Those 13 people are now jokingly called "The 13 Knights" by fans. [5]

Starting out she didn't mind the low number of viewers as she was focusing on school and streaming was just something to do on the side. She thought that after about half a year, if the streaming wasn't successful, it would just naturally die out, but if she got lucky and it did become a big success, that would be nice. But after half a year had passed, she decided she doesn't want to stop because of all the people supporting her, whatever it was just watching her stream or sending fan mail, and whenever she would see someone say that watching her made them happy, she was glad she could have such an affect on people which motivated her to continue.[6]

Although she claims that she is scared of horror games, she does not have a large reaction to jumpscares and scary moments, only showing brief surprise or shock.[7] She is not good with things that involve memorization.

She has a really large vocal range, with some fans describing her voice to be high enough to be like a vocaloid,[8] yet being able to be low enough to sound like an ikemen voice.[9] Her singing teacher told her that her voice isn't really fit for "classical" music and she should do more idol-like songs. [10]

Her representative emote is a bear after her stuffed bear side-kick Ankimo.


She is an easy-going, happy, and comforting person whose personality has led many fans to call her "Sora Mama" because of her motherly attitude. She also has a playful side to her, with an example being that she has put on a horse head while streaming a game.[11] She is also a bit carefree as she does not mind revealing her age and weight on stream in contrast to other hololive members.[12]

Her signature greeting "Nun Nun" originated because she likes to say "un un", as if she's nodding her head to show that she saw the stream comments, but people heard it as "nun nun" which became her personalized greeting. [13]

Sora's English is fairly good among the Japanese members. She explained this may be as she made a friend when she was around four years old, who was a native speaker whom she often talked to.
She always tries to understand English comments on her videos and will always look up the meanings for things she doesn't get.



  • Jun. 29 Twitter account creation date.
  • Sep. 06 YouTube account creation date.
  • Sep. 07 YouTube debut stream date.
  • Oct. 17 Received 3D model update. The model was updated with her standard hairstyle.[14]
  • Oct. 26 Received a minor visual updated to celebrate 100 live viewers on YouTube, and 100 Twitter followers. The bow color was changed from yellow to pink, and the hair clip color was changed from blue to yellow.[15]
  • Oct. 28 Achieved a 100 YouTube subscribers milestone.[16]
  • Oct. 31 Received a Halloween themed outfit with a white hairstyle, and bat shaped hair clips. This stream was also the first appearance of Sora's teddy bear Ankimo, who mimics her movements.[17]
  • Nov. 02 Decided on a fan name for her fans with a list of names she came up with as her 10th stream.[18]
  • Dec. 23 Achieved a 1,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[19]
  • Dec. 25 Received a Christmas themed outfit.[20]
  • Dec. 30 Achieved 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[21]
  • Dec. 31 Received a New Years themed outfit.[22]


  • Jan. 05 Received a quiz show outfit, looking similar to her regular outfit, but is shiny. It includes a red hat with a question mark on it.[23]
  • Jan. 12 Achieved a 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[24]
  • Feb. 14 Received a new outfit on Valentine's day[25] It consists of a pink sweater, plaid skirt, and a pinkish-brown jacket. The jacket can be taken off.[26]
  • Feb. 22 Received cat paw gloves, cat paw shoes, a tail, and a bell for her ribbon. These parts appear in future streams.[27]
  • Mar. 09 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone, and did an acting interview with Kizuna Ai.[28]
  • May 03 Debuted new 3D model. The outfit is the one that is currently used as of June 2020. The most noticeable changes are that the hair clips were changed to stars, as well as the transition of brown eyes to blue eyes.[29]
  • Jun. 08 Achieved a 150,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[30]
  • Jun. 21 Received a new outfit consisting of a red sleeveless jersey, red sweatpants, and a blue skirt.[31]
  • Aug. 11 First stream using Vtuber app, Reality.[32]
  • Aug. 16 First official merchandise announcement.[33]
  • Sep. 09 One year debut anniversary celebration upload. A-chan in her 3D model appeared alongside Sora in the video.[34]
  • Oct. 31 Received a new Halloween outfit. The outfit included a pair of wings.[35]
  • Dec. 25 Received a new Christmas themed outfit.[36]
  • Dec. 26 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[37]
  • Dec. 27 Yukino Sora, a winter colored variant of Sora, appeared on stream along with Sora herself.[38] She was not properly introduced until a later stream.


  • Jan. 01 Received a new New Years outfit, a sakura themed outfit with detached sleeves.[39]
  • Jan. 10 Announced the release date of her first album, Dreaming!,[40] which was Mar. 27, 2019.[41]
  • Jan. 25 Yukino Sora was introduced properly.[42]
  • Feb. 14 Received an outfit for Valentine's day, a grey sweater, a pink jacket, and a scarf.[43]
  • Feb. 28 A-chan's first Live2D appearance with Sora.[44]
  • Mar. 27 Release date of her first album, Dreaming!.[45]
  • May 15 Held a birthday event on Cluster. The event was split into 2 parts.[46]
  • Aug. 14 Received her swimsuit outfit.[47]
  • Sep. 07 Held a 2nd year anniversary stream.[48]
  • Oct. 06 Held first live concert, Dream!.[49] On a later released video showing Blu-ray clips, it shows Sora using 3D Stage outfit.[50]
  • Nov. 29 Achieved a 250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[51]
  • Dec. 19 Announced the release of her photo book, Sora Biyori (そらびより). as well as her mini album, My Loving, which has artwork of Sora with her original brown eyes.[52]


  • Jan. 24 Debuted in a new idol outfit to match with all of the other Hololive members at Hololive's live concert, Nonstop Story.[53]
  • Feb. 14 Release date of the photo book Sora Biyori.[54]
  • Feb. 14 Released a trailer video for the mini album, My Loving.[55]
  • Mar. 04 Release date of the mini album. My Loving.
  • Mar. 09 Received a new casual outfit. The outfit consists of a shirt with rolled up sleeves, black stockings, a necklace, a sleeveless sweater, and a short skirt.[56]
  • Apr. 04 Received a new microphone, and has since used the image for her microphone a few times.[57]
  • Apr. 09 Achieved 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone and celebrated it with a memorial video.[58]
  • May. 15 Celebrated 20th birthday with a stream.[59] The day before her birthday, she wrote a list of goals for herself now that she is 20 years old.[60]
  • May. 15 Released a short version of "Aozora no Symphony (青空のシンフォニー)", a song which she wrote the lyrics for.[61]
  • May. 29 Yoruno Sora, a dark colored variant of Sora, appeared alongside her in her cover of "Instant Heaven(インスタントヘヴン)".[62]
  • May. 29 Yoruno Sora appeared in a talk stream.[63]
  • Jul. 29 Achieved 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[64]
  • Aug. 14 Participated in "NHKバーチャル文化祭".[65]
  • Sep. 07 Received 3D model update on 3rd Debut Anniversary stream.[66]
  • Sep. 26 Held special live concert with AZKi Setsuna-teki Chronicle.
  • Oct. 21 Release date of her 2nd album, ON STAGE!.[67]
  • Oct. 26 Achieved 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during 1-2-Switch collab with Gatchman.[68]
  • Nov. 29 Held 2nd live concert, Parallel Time.[69]


  • Jan. 05 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream. [70]
  • Mar. 03 Received plain clothes 3D model.[71]
  • Mar. 24 Released 2nd Live Parallel Time Blu-ray.[72]
  • Mar. 18 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[73]
  • May. 15 Celebrated birthday with a 3D live stream.[74]
  • May. 15 Released 2 new songs. First is "KumoHurray!", another song which she wrote the lyrics for. And another one "Hana Dokino Sora (花時の空)", a full rendition of the very first soraSong.
  • Jul. 11 Achieved an 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[75]
  • Aug. 23 Appeared as guest alongside GEMS Company on MikuLand 2021 Summer Vacation in celebration of Hatsune Miku's 14th Anniversary.[76]
  • Sep. 07 Celebrated 4th Anniversary with a 3D live stream. Also announced the release date of her 3rd album (cover album) Re:Play.[77]
  • Nov. 24 Release date of her 3rd album (cover album), Re:Play.[78]
  • Dec. 06 Achieved an 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[79]


  • Jan. 22 Held 3rd live concert, Role:Play.[80]
  • Feb. 08 Released a new Official Fan Club website moving away from NicoNico.[81]
  • Apr. 28 Appeared as guest alongside Mirai Akari on MikuLand 2022.[82]
  • May. 15 Celebrated birthday with a 3D livestream where she also received a new outfit. Also announced the release of her 4th Album Sign.[83]
  • May. 18 Released the Happy Meowthday!! single.[84]

Streaming Information


Sora calls her fans "Soratomo" (そらとも), which is short for "Sora no Tomodachi" (Sora's friends).

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings こんそめー Konsomē A portmanteau of "Konnichiwa" or "Konbanwa" and "Consommé".
Introduction そらとものみんなー!元気ー?
Sora-tomo no Minna~! Genki~?
Konsomē! Tokino Sora desu!
Translation: Sora-tomos~! How are you doing~? Konsomē! I'm Tokino Sora!
Farewell それでは、次の放送で会いましょう! Sore de wa, Tsugi no Housou de Aimashou! Translation: Now then, let's meet again in the next stream!
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting (๑╹ᆺ╹)ぬんぬん (๑╹ᆺ╹)Nun-nun Supposedly a dog's face followed by its sound.
Greetings こんそめー Konsomē
Farewell いかないで Ikanaide Translation: Don't go!
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels
Tokino Sora - Membership Perks.png
  • Members-only wallpapers

Other Media

Tokino Sora alongside fellow members Natsuiro Matsuri, Nakiri Ayame, Ookami Mio, Murasaki Shion, Shirakami Fubuki, and Minato Aqua, were part of a collab with Azur Lane called “Looking Glass of Fact and Fiction”, which ran from November 26th 2019 – December 11th, 2019.

A 264 page light novel centered on Tokino Sora was published on 25th Apr. 2019. It was authored by Ryunosuke Uzuki ( 兎月竜之介).

She is part of the main cast of the TV Tokyo dorama Watanuki-san Chi No playing as "Watanuki Ichika" alongside Hibiki Ao, and newcomer Sarugakucho Futaba. The show has two seasons.


  • Sora stated that she is bad at sports, but wants to prove that she can play sports. Her favorite subjects are Music, and Japanese. The subjects that she's bad with are English and Science. She likes sweets, Chinese food, cats, cat themed items, and Vocaloid. Her favorite types of games are rhythm games and horror games. The VTuber she admires is Mirai Akari. Her dream is to hold her solo concert at Yokohama Arena someday.[85]
  • Sora's hobbies include karaoke, collecting temple stamps, rhythm games.
  • On August 30, 2018[86], Sora announced the release of her LINE stickers. Sora also has her own LINE theme.[87]
  • In March of 2019, Sora signed a record deal with Victor Entertainment.
  • Sora is part of a singing duo with AZKi called "SorAZ".
  • Sora frequently uses the kaomoji (๑╹ᆺ╹) such as in stream chats or in her tweets.
  • Sora's art skills are not the best, as shown with her drawing streams.[88]
  • Sora wears red framed glasses occasionally in a few of her videos.
  • Sora cannot handle worms even though she can handle horror games quite well.[89]
  • Sora has done paid promotional videos.[90][91]
  • Sora's current 3D model was drawn by ordan, who also drew the current 3D models of Sakura Miko and Yūjin A.
  • Though Sora's natural eye color is brown, she sometimes wears colored contacts.[92]
  • Sora takes care of a cat from her uncle, named Momo-chan (sometimes called Faminyan). She's a 7 year old female Scottish Fold cat.[93]
  • Sora is one of the Hololive Production VTubers with an Official Artist channel. Other members with an Official Artist channel can be found here.

  • During an appearance on Holotalk, a talk show hosted by Takanashi Kiara, when asked to choose her preference between two things, she answered [94]:
    • Cold weather over Hot weather
    • Rice over Noodles
    • Orange juice over Apple juice
    • Twitter over Instagram
    • To climb a mountain over running a marathon
    • PC over Gaming console
    • Yes Pineapple on Pizza
    • Sweet food over Spicy food
    • Tea over Coffee
    • Visiting a city over a Beach vacation
    • Sleeping with clothes over Sleeping naked
    • Phone call over texting
    • Giving presents over Receiving presents
    • Walking 1 station over Taking the train
    • Christmas is her Favourite Holiday

Logo - hololive (Textless).png No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!


Image Gallery



ブレンドキャラバン (Short ver.)

コトバカゼ (Short ver.)



ぐるぐる・ラブストーリー(Short ver.)

Step and Go!!(Short ver.)

ブルーベリームーン(Short ver.)

好き、泣いちゃいそうだ (Acoustic ver.)

木の芽時の空 (The sky of early spring)




おかえり (Okaeri)

Wistful Record

Wandering Days



【My Loving収録】刹那ティックコード【ときのそら/AZKi】


紅藍クロニクル / SorAZ

Original releases

The following is a list of original songs by Sora.

フレーフレーLOVE (Hurray Hurray LOVE)
Album Cover Art - Hurray Hurray LOVE.jpg
Release Date October 7, 2019
Track List
  1. フレーフレーLOVE
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
コトバカゼ (Kotobakaze) (Acoustic Arrange Ver.)
Album Cover Art - Parallel Time.jpg
Release Date September 8, 2021
Track List
  1. コトバカゼ (Kotobakaze) (Acoustic Arrange Ver.)
External links
Digital Release
Wonderland (Acoustic Arrange Ver.)
Album Cover Art - Parallel Time.jpg
Release Date September 8, 2021
Track List
  1. Wonderland (Acoustic Arrange Ver.)
External links
Digital Release
Step and Go!! (Acoustic Arrange Ver.)
Album Cover Art - Parallel Time.jpg
Release Date September 8, 2021
Track List
  1. Step and Go!! (Acoustic Arrange Ver.)
External links
Digital Release
好き、泣いちゃいそうだ (I love you so much, I think I’m going to cry) (Acoustic Arrange Ver.)
Album Cover Art - Parallel Time.jpg
Release Date September 8, 2021
Track List
  1. 好き、泣いちゃいそうだ (I love you so much, I think I’m going to cry) (Acoustic Arrange Ver.)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Album Cover Art - KumoHurray.jpg
Release Date Feburary 22, 2022
Track List


External links
Digital Release
花時の空 (Hanadoki no Sora)
Album Cover Art - KumoHurray.jpg
Release Date Feburary 22, 2022
Track List

花時の空 (Hanadoki no Sora)

External links
Digital Release
Happy Meowthday!!
Album Cover Art - HappyMeowthday.jpg
Release Date May 18, 2022
Track List
  1. "Happy Meowthday!!"
  2. "Sora o Koete" (そらを超えて)
  3. "Happy Meowthday!!" (instrumental)
  4. "Sora o Koete" (instrumental)
External links
Digital Release
Album Cover Art - Dreaming! 01.jpg
Album Cover Art - Dreaming! 02.jpg
Release Date March 27, 2019
Track List
  1. Dream☆Story
  2. ヒロイック・ヒロイン
  3. コトバカゼ
  4. ほしのふるにわ
  5. 冴えない自分にラブソングを
  6. IMAGE source
  7. ブレンドキャラバン
  8. 未練レコード
  9. 海より深い空の下
  10. そんな雨の日には
  11. メトロナイト
  12. Wandering Days
  13. 好き、泣いちゃいそうだ
  14. おかえり
  15. 夢色アスタリスク(Dreaming! ver.)
  16. Seesaw Game (Limited CD exclusive) feat. Yuujin A
External links
Digital Release • Music Video • Official Website
My Loving
Album Cover Art - My Loving 01.jpg
Album Cover Art - My Loving 02.jpg
Release Date March 4, 2020
Track List
  1. Equation of Love
  2. Wonderland
  3. サヨナラブロッサム
  4. 刹那ティックコード
  5. フレーフレーLOVE
  6. ゆっくり走れば風は吹く
External links
Digital Release • Music Video • Official Website
Album Cover Art - ON STAGE! Limited 01.jpg
Album Cover Art - ON STAGE! Limited 02.jpg
Album Cover Art - ON STAGE!.jpg
Release Date October 21, 2020
Track List
  1. Step and Go!!
  2. Chu-Chu-Lu
  3. リア/リモシンパサイザー
  4. ブルーベリームーン
  5. 空祭り
  6. ぐるぐる・ラブストーリー
  7. マイオドレ!舞舞タイム キノシタ feat. Sakura Miko (ときのそら&さくらみこ)
  8. 青空のシンフォニー
External links
Digital Release • Music Video • Official Website
Album Cover Art - RePlay.jpg
Album Cover Art - RePlay Limited.jpg
Release Date November 24, 2021
Track List
  2. ロマンスの神様
  3. ファンサ
  5. 怪物
  6. アンドロイドガール
  7. God knows...
  8. Butterfly
  9. まっさらブルージーンズ
  10. 赤いスイートピー
  11. この世界で
  12. KING
  13. エイリアンエイリアン
  14. 太陽系デスコ
External links
Digital Release • Music Video • Official Website
Collab Singles
Shiny Smily Story
Album Cover Art - Shiny Smily Story.jpg
Release Date September 16, 2019
Track List
  1. Shiny Smily Story
  2. Shiny Smily Story (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release
Kirameki Rider
Album Cover Art - Kirameki Rider.png
Release Date February 24, 2020
Track List
  1. キラメキライダー☆
  2. キラメキライダー☆ (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release
紅藍クロニクル (kurenai kuronikuru)
Album Cover Art - kurenai kuronikuru.png
Release Date September 22, 2020
Track List
  1. 紅藍クロニクル / SorAZ ver.
  2. 紅藍クロニクル / Tokino Sora ver.
  3. 紅藍クロニクル / AZKi ver.
  4. 紅藍クロニクル (instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
シーソーゲーム (Seesaw Game)
Album Cover Art - Dreaming! 01.jpg
Release Date September 8, 2021
Track List
  1. シーソーゲーム (Seesaw Game) with Yujin A
External links
Digital Release
Collab Albums
Album Cover Art - IMAGINATION vol.1.jpg
Release Date March 01, 2019
Track List
  1. 世界は恋に落ちている (Arranged by Yunomi ft. Tokino Sora)
  2. Don't say "lazy" (Arranged by YUC'e ft. Omega Sisters)
  3. ユキトキ (Arranged by Tomggg ft. Elu)
  4. 青い栞 (Arranged by yuigot ft. Nijikawa Laki)
  5. Shangri-La (Arranged by Peno ft. Dola & Ryushen)
  6. secret base〜君がくれたもの〜 (Arranged by Virtual Cat ft. Roboco)
  7. だってアタシのヒーロー。 (Arranged by PandaBoY ft. Higuchi Kaede)
  8. 空色デイズ (Arranged by Nor ft. Kashiko Mari)
  9. ハレ晴レユカイ (Arranged by Moe Shop ft. Suntory Nomu)
  10. アンインストール (Arranged by Aire ft. Tenjin Kotone)
  11. For フルーツバスケット (Arranged by KOTONOHOUSE ft. Tsukino Mito)
  12. God knows… (Arranged by Neko Hacker ft. Fuji Aoi)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video • Official Website
Album Cover Art - -ATCV-001- バーチャル開花最前線!-Fragment.jpg
Release Date April 28, 2019
Track List
  1. バーチャル開花最前線! (Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Nizikawa)
  2. Fragment (Lyrics: mippai / Composition/Arrangement: Freezer)
  3. バーチャル開花最前線! (you Remix)
  4. Fragment (Capchii Remix)
External links
Official Website
VirtuaREAL MIX.01 mixed by DJ TAMU
Album Cover Art - VirtuaREAL MIX.01 mixed by DJ TAMU.jpg
Release Date May 24, 2020
Track List
  1. Step up Super Star!! / 星乃めあ
  2. without U / AZKi
  3. トワイライト・ハート / いるはーと
  4. アイイロメビウス / 犬山たまき
  5. twinkle night feat. somunia / nyankobrq&yaca
  6. #しゅきしゅきぴっぴっぴ♡ / 夜乃ネオン
  7. DOGMA / シスター・クレア
  8. 拡散性マジョリティ feat. X’Flare / Limpid&あるか
  9. コンピューターミュージックガール / ミディ
  10. ぶいちゅっばの歌 / 周防パトラ
  11. Super Duper / 江戸レナ
  12. 品川シーサイド / あくまのゴート
  13. ラストダンスは求めないで / 花奏かのん
  14. JUST IN MY HEART / まりなす (仮)
  15. FANTASTIC / アメノセイ
  16. 夏空と残響 / 鷹森ツヅル
  17. 忍び忍ばずHigh Tension☆ / 朝ノ茜
  18. My name is elite☆ / Sakura Miko
  19. KEYS / ココツキ
  20. Adastra / カグラナナ
  21. スタートの合図 / 響木アオ
  22. P!NGPONG QUEST / ピンキーポップヘップバーン
  23. 天使であれたら / 白百合リリィ
  24. DISCOVERY / シクラりわ
  25. ルーティン / かしこまり
  26. White Hole / WHITEHOLE
  27. Someday Someday / 銀河アリス
  28. コトバカゼ / Tokino Sora
  29. 蒼に躊躇う / 花鋏キョウ
  30. 夏を待ちわびて feat. somunia / The LASTTRAK
  31. ハナサカステップ / ぼっちぼろまる
  32. 泡沫夢幻 / 朝ノ瑠璃
  33. MASAKARI / 朝ノ瑠璃&朝ノ茜
  34. ラビュリントス / 希来里パイ
  35. Just Loving You / 雨ヶ崎笑虹&結目ユイ
  36. DANCE is the answer / 紡音れい
  37. BLUE / エルセとさめのぽき
External links
 • Music Video • Official WebsiteUSAGI Production Shop

Cover Songs

The following is a list of songs covered by Sora.

Solo Covers

Collab Covers


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