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Stars*collection! (スターズこれくしょん!, stylized as stars*collection!), shortened as StarColle (スタこれ), is a weekly animated comedy short on the official Holostars YouTube channel every Friday. It is the Holostars' equivalent to Holo no Graffiti.

A trailer was uploaded on January 26, 2022[1] and the first episode, titled "Popularity for Dummies" was uploaded on January 28, 2022. There are currently 43 episodes aired.

Episode ListEdit

Episode List
No. Thumbnail Title Appearing Characters Airdate
1   この人がモテる方法3選
Popularity for Dummies
Roberu1, Oga1, Aruran1 January 28, 2022
2   これが漢の1分クッキング
Cooking for Dummies
Shien1, Izuru1, Aruran February 4, 2022
3   本当に怒られました
Bullying for Dummies
Aruran, Astel1, Izuru, Rikka1 February 11, 2022
4   大人がビビってるところ見て
Courage for Dummies
Temma1, Astel February 18, 2022
5   全部間違えちゃった人
Selfies for Dummies
Izuru, Aruran, Astel, Rikka February 25, 2022
6   口内炎の作り方
Dental Health for Dummies
Oga, Shien, Temma, Miyabi1 March 4, 2022
7   ギター大喜利
Guitar Lessons for Dummies
Temma, Aruran, Astel, Rikka March 11, 2022
8   開始6秒でオチ
Punchlines for Dummies
Miyabi, Oga, Roberu March 18, 2022
9   てぇてぇを教えてやんよ!
Wholesomeness for Dummies
Miyabi, Shien, Temma, Oga, Astel, Aruran, Izuru, Rikka, Roberu March 25, 2022
10   お前の冷蔵庫おかしいよ!
Refrigerators for Dummies
Roberu, Oga, Izuru April 1, 2022
11   闇に煌めくモノクロの饗宴
Budgeting for Rookies
Rikka, Miyabi, Roberu, Shien, Izuru, Aruran, Oga, Astel April 8, 2022
12   彼はもうおしまい
Neckgear for Rookies
Rikka, Miyabi, Shien April 15, 2022
13   でも花粉症じゃない!
Hay Fever for Rookies
Shien, Oga April 22, 2022

1 denotes first/debut appearance.


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