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** At the beginning of a collaboration with fellow Council member [[Hakos Baelz]], they both introduced the stream with a short skit made entirely of "Aussie" slang.<ref>(Sept. 12, 2021) Retrieved from https://youtu.be/9CjbjuIRHDU?t=158</ref>
** During a discussion with Ina, Sana says that to her "all coffee sucks, unless it's from Australia".<ref>(Sept. 25, 2021) Retrieved from https://youtu.be/s4M7quMcnnI?t=4026</ref>
* Her companion Yatagarasu looks like a purpleorange worm to humanity, because if humans could perceive their full form, their brains would melt.<ref name="debut" />
** Yatagarasu also grants wishes sometimes... By vomiting them out.
[[File:Tsukumo Sana Neighbula 01.jpg|thumb|200px|Our beautiful Neighbula]]