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{{Member Icon|Kiryu Coco|#FD935F}}
{{Member Icon|Kiryu Coco|#FD935F}}
{{Member Icon|Akai Haato|#F1476E}}
{{Member Icon|Akai Haato|#F1476E}}
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Calendar - 05 May.png
Calendar for May 2021
May 15Tokino Sora
May 20Ninomae Ina'nis
May 23Roboco
Debut Anniversaries
May 1Aragami Oga
May 13Yozora Mel
Mel 3D live.jpg
From 1st.jpg
Cinderella Switch Botan Lamy.png
Upcoming Events
May 13thYozora Mel's 3D Live
May 28thFrom the 1st, Hololive 1st Generation live concert
May 29thShishiro Botan and Yukihana Lamy on Cinderalla Switch
June 25th - 27thHolostars 2nd Anniversary Event


Welcome to the HoloMeth Wiki!!

Hololive Production (Japanese: ホロライブプロダクション Hororaibu Purodakushon) or simply known as Hololive (Japanese: ホロライブ Hororaibu), is an agency of Virtual YouTubers created by Cover Corp. As of December 23, 2020 there are now 52 talents under Hololive and its branches (31 Hololive, 9 Holostars, 6 Hololive ID, 5 Hololive EN, and 1 INNK Music).

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